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The Hidden Earth Trilogy Finally Concludes!

I cannot tell you how pleased I am that we have finally published Order of the Chaos, the conclusion of the Hidden Earth trilogy.

The series has had such an odd history.  The first edition, Darkness of the Light, was published by Tor in 2007.  They promised me they would publicize it if I got a pub quote from Neil Gaiman.  I asked, but Neil was too busy, and so the Tor publicity department buried it.  No one knew the book existed.  I went into bookstores throughout Florida (during a vacation) and one had ordered a single copy; no one else got any.   The sales were so pathetic it damaged my career in the long run.

I turned in the sequel, Heights of the Depths, and eighteen months later my editor, Jim Frenkel, still hadn’t gotten around to reading it.  Since the contract stated it had to be published within eighteen months of turning it in, I got the rights back.  Jim pleaded, Jim squawked, and I’m reasonably sure the event blacklisted me at Tor.  On the other hand, Frenkel was eventually fired for sexual harassment.  Make of that what you will. Continue reading

Love, Murder & Mayhem: Read it Now: This Mortal Coil

“This Mortal Coil” from Peter David, Kathleen David, and Sean O’Shea asks the questions: Wouldn’t it be great to have someone sleep for us, because we have so much stuff to do? But what if a sleep surrogate discovers that one of the people he’s sleeping for is actually a murderer? Would he ignore it, report it …or investigate it himself?

To find out, here’s an early look:

This Mortal Coil

by Peter David, Kathleen David, and Sean O’Shea

My lover, whom I have never met, is dead.

I do not know her name. I have no idea where I might have met her. Her voice keeps changing every time I hear it, its tone shifting depending on what is being discussed. But she is beautiful and she is mine, and I can feel her moving beneath me as I thrust into her in an environment that keeps shifting around us.

Sometimes we are in a bedroom and sometimes on a beach and sometimes in a forest, oftentimes changing while we have sex, because literally anything can happen during that time. She is exquisite and beautiful and everything a woman could ever want to be, and I love her and I hate her. I know I hate her because I can see my hands wrapped around her throat, strangling her fiercely. Her eyes are bulging wide and there is pure terror in them. Does she know that I am about to take her life? What did she say to set me off? What could she have said, because I love her so much, and yet I despise her, the bitch. Continue reading

Love, Murder & Mayhem – When the Ideas Don’t Come … Until they Do

“I have no idea what to write.”

That was what I told my wife, Kathleen.

People always ask where writers get their ideas. They never understand the simple fact: we become writers because our brains are wired in such a way that the ideas come to us with such ferocity that we are compelled to write them down, and then ideally distribute them to as many people as possible with—ideally—our names accompanying them in as large letters as possible.

But sometimes the ideas don’t come. Especially, for me, when it comes to something very specific. In this case, it was for Russ Colchamiro’s new short story anthology for Crazy 8 Press, Love, Murder & Mayhem. The story was to have a science fiction setting and involve love and murder. I had thought about it, pondered it, but nothing was coming, maybe because writing science fiction isn’t really my strong suit. Fantasy, yes. Star Trek, of course. Superheroes, definitely. But an SF themed story just wasn’t singing to me.

And Kathleen said, “Sean and I came up with a story idea ages ago. But we never wrote it.” Sean is her brother. Continue reading

Crazy 8 Returns to Shore Leave

As part of our annual tradition, our Crazy 8 Press team of Aaron Rosenberg, Russ Colchamiro, Glenn Hauman, Peter, David, Robert Greenberger, and Michael Jan Friedman will descend on the Hunt Valley Inn for Shore Leave 39 from July 7-9, where we’ll be in full force (sans Paul Kupperberg, who is hiding out in the wilds of Connecticut concocting his next act of authorly mayhem).

Speaking of mayhem …

There wouldn’t be a Shore Leave without a Crazy 8 Press anthology, and we hope this year takes the cake! Debuting at the convention is this year’s anthology, Love, Murder & Mayhem, a collection of superhero, super villain, private eye, time travel travel, AI, dream surrogate, monster mash and DuckBob murder mysteries, with stories from not only the seven Crazy 8 Press members, but many of our friends, too, including attendees Hildy SIlverman, Kelly Meding, and Mary Fan,

The party starts with Meet the Pros at 10 p.m. on Friday with all the authors on hand to sign and sell books, shake hands, take selfies, and make madness. Hey. It’s what we do best. Continue reading

Cover Reveal: Love, Murder & Mayhem

At long last we are thrilled to present here the official cover for our new scifi-themed Love, Murder & Mayhem anthology coming out in July, debuting at Shore Leave in Cockeysville, MD.

As always, our pal and cover designer extraordinaire Roy Mauritsen did a fantastic job on the cover, with the collection featuring stories from an all-star author lineup including Aaron Rosenberg, Robert Greenberger, Michael Jan Friedman, Peter David, Paul Kupperberg, Glenn Hauman, Mary Fan, Hildy Silverman, Meriah Crawford, Kelly Meding, Paige Daniels, Karissa Laurel, Patrick Thomas, Lois Spangler, and editor Russ Colchamiro.

In this great collection you’ll get 15 stand-alone stories, including those featuring superheroes, super villains, A.I., off-world, space cruisers, private eyes, a monster mash and … one DuckBob!

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Sir Apropos Returns in New Novel This Summer

sirapropos0101_1I have just completed Pyramid Schemes, in which our ragtag anti -knight returns. This time Apropos winds up in an Egyptian-esque realm where he winds up being tasked to free the slaves and winds up coping with a mummy’s curse.

It will be published during the summer by Crazy 8 Press. If you are a legitimate reviewer, please drop me a line at padguy@aol.com and we’ll see about getting you a review copy.

By the way, I must highly recommend the brand new audio-dramatizations of the first two Apropos novels. Check out Graphic Audio for more details.